Colorado recalls: NRA doubles down, early vote results

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Posted: 04/09/2013 7:20 pm

The NRA may be indifferent, but we can't have more of these.

Some smattering of news from the Rocky Mountain Recalls. First up, the NRA is doubling down:

The NRA is increasing financial support with $250,000 to try to recall two Colorado Democratic lawmakers who voted for new gun restrictions this year.

A campaign finance report released Tuesday covering Aug. 23 to Aug. 29 shows the NRA's new contribution to the races. The organization's total contribution so far is about $361,700.


The Daily Kos community is at around $270K for the two recall targets, state Sen. Majority Leader John Morse and state Sen. Angela Giron. It sure would be nice if we could keep pace!

Also from that story:

According to the latest filings, Pueblo United for Angela has raised $825,400. That's an increase of $239,400 from the reports released last week. A Whole Lot of People for John Morse has raised $658,230, up about $52,000 from last week's report.

Multiple sources on the ground have told me that while polling remains tight and uncertain given the late-summer election without vote-by-mail (making the crafting of a likely voter screen something of a crapshoot), Morse is actually in better shape than Giron. These fundraising numbers would seem to confirm thatwith money moving more heavily toward Giron in the closing weeks.

But if Giron is the one in trouble, it's not showing up in the early vote:

Democrats are out-voting Republicans in the recall election of state Sen. Angela Giron, D-Pueblo, by nearly a 3-to-1 margin, according to voter tallies after the first three days of early voting.

Pueblo County Clerk Gilbert Bo Ortiz said that 2,690 voters had cast ballots in the Sept. 10 special election as of 3 p.m. Tuesday.

At that time, 1,668 Democrats had voted in the special election compared with 599 Republicans. The remaining 423 votes came from independents and minor party voters.

In 2010, Giron's district generated about 45,000 votes. It was an off-year election, where turnout is depressed. In 2012, that district generated nearly 66,000 votes in the presidential contest.

We can assume turnout will be lower than both those years, but regardless, that early vote will likely be around just 5-10 percent of the total. So a good sign, no doubt, and better than trailing 3-1 at this point. But still too early to pop the champagne. (Not that anyone was.)

So let's close strong and match the NRA's spending on this race. Join the 11,000+ of Daily Kos community members who have already chipped in and let's help our allies on the ground deliver another stinging defeat to the NRA.

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